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White Discharge

What is Leucorrhoea/White discharge?

Leucorrhoea commonly known as whites, refers to a whitish discharge from the female genitals.The vaginal discharge plays an important role in maintaining a healthy vagina.The secretions are designed to flush out bacteria and other tiny organisms to prevent infection. Normal vaginal discharge is odorless and a clear or pale milky color.The whitish discharge is caused by the presence of infection in any of these tissues and a variety of other factors.

Types of Leucorrhoea

There are 2 types of Leucorrhoea physiological and pathological. In physiological Leucorrhoea, the discharge is normal due to excitement or other factors like nervousness. Such a discharge need not be worried about. It is found under following conditions:
Physiological Leucorrhoea:
• Seen in girls during puberty due to hormonal changes.
• At the time of ovulation and in early pregnancy.
• During sexual excitement
Pathological Leucorrhoea:
• General ill health and under nutrition
• Dysfunctional state in genital tract
• Psychological factors


• Anaemia / Feels weak and tiredness
• Pain in the lumbar region and the calves
• Abdominal pain / Head ache 
• Hair falling /Dark black circles under the eye.


Herbal Unani Medicinal system is a traditional and ancient formula of a blend of herbal ingredients very effective on Leucorrhoea / white discharge. Strengthening the Uterus and Cervix which reduces white discharge and restores the normal functions of the uterus.


Question: Are there any side effects in the Herbal Unani medicines and  treatment?
Answer: The only advantage of our Herbal Unani system of medicine is that there  is no disadvantage at all, in it.

  • • It is free of ill-effects/totally harm-free and toxin free.
  • • It is just a food grade medicine.

Duration of the treatment: 2 to 3 months or its depends upon the condition of the patients*